Love Skill #1 – Receive Love Generously


Love Skill #1

Receive Love Generously

By Dr. Scott Peck & Shannon Peck 


Receiving love generously
calls you to open your heart & life
to all the gifts waiting for you from Love

How open are you to receiving love generously?

We encourage you to open your heart to all that Love wants you to experience.

Loving people often find it easier to love others more than themselves, but this is not Love’s way. Love is universal. It embraces everyone fully – and that includes you! Loving yourself is part of Love’s wonderful plan for your life.

Loving yourself is not about ego or selfishness. It is about opening yourself to receive all the gifts that Love wants for you. You deserve to feel worthy within. You deserve relationships that genuinely honor your being. You deserve to flow through life with inner confidence. You deserve to like – and yes, love – yourself. We all deserve this.

Consider how much pleasure you as a Love Master have in giving love. It is just as important for others to have this same opportunity to give love to you. This requires that you let yourself receive their love.

How can you do this?

Notice when someone else is giving love to you – by their words or actions. Then notice what you do as a response. Do you push their giving away? Hurry them to finish and be through? Interrupt? Or say to yourself, or aloud, “That’s enough,” even before they are finished?

As you become increasingly aware of how you resist receiving love generously, you will create a new habit of being a happy recipient – a generous recipient!

Since giving is good for the soul, you, as a Love Master, notice and even encourage generous love-giving to you.

By your gracious, open receiving of love from others, you also encourage them to stay in the flow of love.

When you receive love generously, there is a second benefit to everyone. You create more intimacy. It may feel that you are being more vulnerable to receive love so openly and generously, but rather than viewing this as a weakness, think of this as a strength of being more transparent, more visible, and more centered in love.

Transparency draws hearts closer together.

Welcome to this life-defining Love moment. Love is inviting you to experience all that Love has in store for you.

Do you accept Love’s invitation? We hope you do.

Loving yourself means you let the presence of Love flow to you at all times. It means you have full permission to receive all love and enjoy it without any feelings of guilt. It means you accept continuous self-nurturing, comfort, and encouragement as always available and never withheld. It means you genuinely like and love you! Thank you for receiving our love so generously right now.

Thank you for accepting Love’s invitation. You are taking a giant step forward as a Love Master.



I am worthy of receiving love generously

Action Step

I take note of opportunities to receive love generously
& I let the love pour in

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Copyright (c) 2006-2017 by Scott & Shannon Peck

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