Love Skill #10 – Forgive Yourself


Love Skill #10

Forgive Yourself

By Dr. Scott Peck & Shannon Peck 


is an intelligent & enlighted way
of loving yourself


Forgiveness begins with an attitude towards life of acceptance and learning rather than condemnation and despair. You make a life choice not to condemn yourself but rather to appreciate all you are learning as you move higher.

For example, if you look at the human experience all the way from infancy to old age, you quickly understand that absolutely everyone is on a learning curve. We all make mistakes. Lots of them. The idea of perfection is unachievable.

What can you do about this?

You can practice self forgiveness as an intelligent and enlightened way of loving yourself.
Some things you learn easily and well in life. Other things are more difficult and come more slowly – and with mistakes.

Often, however, the most challenging areas of our lives, where we thought or acted at less than our highest possibility, teach us the most valuable lessons. Such “failures” cause us to grow in character and wisdom.
And we do grow. Think of what you were like 10 years ago compared to today. Congratulations for all you have learned!

By allowing yourself to make plenty of mistakes – without judging yourself for being stupid or wrong, you stay in a loving place with yourself. You see your mistakes as opportunities to learn rather than opportunities to condemn or hate yourself and you move forward in life.

Can you look at the past and release feelings of guilt, regret, and disappointment over what you said or did? Or what you failed to say or do but wish you had? Look at the areas where you have the most regret over past behaviors and start forgiving yourself right now.

Let your life have an attitude of humility as you choose to forgive yourself. We’re all going to make more mistakes. As Henry Kissinger is reported to have said to his staff when taking over as Secretary of State:
“We’re not going to make the same old mistakes. We’re going to make new mistakes.” There is great wisdom in this humor.

By practicing self forgiveness, exchanging your self-condemning feelings with more honoring ones, you move towards a place of freedom and inner peace. Negative feelings will lessen and finally cease. Your life energy will be freed from the slavery of condemnation and opened to the fulfillment of your life purpose.
Self forgiveness is what Love wants for you. Forgiveness honors your life. Do you want your best friends to forgive themselves for mistakes they have made? Of course.

So choose to be your own best friend. Come to your own aid as a Love Master and forgive yourself generously every day.


I love divine Love
& divine Love loves forgiveness
hence forgiving myself places me in the heart of Love

Action Step

Make the decision to forgive yourself right now.
Decide to forgive yourself as a new life style.
This is the love you deserve.

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