Love Skill #11 – Set a Love Intention


Love Skill #11

Set a Love Intention

By Dr. Scott Peck & Shannon Peck 


Greetings of love take place in our hearts
even before we meet

Love greetings begin even before you encounter another person.

For example, how are you planning to greet your love mate, closest friends, or family members the next time you see them? How are you planning to greet your co-workers today? Do you have a love intention for how you’d like to greet strangers (or might they be new friends) today?

Without thinking of your love intentions, you are likely to greet those you love with a routine greeting that does not convey the full extent of your love. Without a clear intention, you are likely to greet co-workers with your mind engaged elsewhere. And you are likely to ignore strangers and miss valuable opportunities to create more love for yourself, for others, and for the planet.

Setting love intentions is a love skill that flows through a Love Master’s heart. You are fully aware of the love potential in each and every greeting. You know intuitively, even before you see someone, how deep another’s need is to feel loved – even though that need may be hidden.

It only takes one party – and that would be you – to initiate a great love greeting. If the recipients of your greeting don’t respond at the same level of love as you, so be it. You have created a love opening. And if they do respond, you will find yourself resonating at a deeper level of love satisfaction – all because your intention set love in motion.

By setting a love intention to greet others well, your actions move naturally towards the intention. Intentions focus your love energy into tangible reality.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how loved do you want your spouse or love mate to feel the next time you meet – even if you have already seen each other five times today? How loved do you want your kids, co-workers, or friends to feel? Do strangers today have a place of love in your life?

Thinking this way causes you to become more loving, even within your own heart, because you awake to the greater possibilities of love that exist even before a greeting takes place.

There are so many people in our world silently suffering right now – from low self-esteem, abuse, or fear of being visible. Whether this suffering is known to you or not, your intention to greet these people with healing love may be your highest contribution to the universe today.

Going forward in life with clear love intentions for each new greeting brings joy to others and to yourself. By setting love intentions, your heart is already experiencing love – even before the greeting – because you are thinking as Love. And you are ready to love.

Suppose we passed you on the street today, but you didn’t recognize us. Would we feel your love? Would you feel ours? These are key questions in the heart of a Love Master.


wants everyone I encounter to feel loved

Action Step

Before you start your day,
set a love intention for those you will encounter during the day
at home, at work, & in life

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Copyright (c) 2006-2017 by Scott & Shannon Peck

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