Love Skill #13 – Connect with Your Eyes


Love Skill #13

Connect with Your Eyes 

By Dr. Scott Peck & Shannon Peck 


When your eyes connect & hold the space of intimacy
for even a few seconds,
you create love

Direct, soft eye contact is an uncomfortable love skill for many people to learn. We are accustomed to greetings with very little eye contact. Even in our intimate relationships, we can feel uncomfortable with sustained eye contact.

But sustained, loving eye contact connects you to love and creates immediate intimacy.

Direct, soft eye contact says to the other person, “You are special to me and nothing is more important in this moment than our genuine heart connection.”

Imagine if everyone who greeted you today smiled generously at you and held steady eye contact with you for a few seconds.

Some recipients of sustained eye contact, even when it is soft and loving, may shy away. It may feel like an interruption to their isolation. Yet even in their discomfort, they will feel your love as something special and warming. They may be yearning inside to be more at ease with such intimacy.

Your sensitivity as a Love Master knows this and gives them the perfect amount of eye contact – being sensitive to their comfort level.

Others will welcome your soft, direct eye contact, especially as it arrives simultaneously with a smile pouring generously from your heart. Such reciprocal eye connection is more powerful than words and creates a special, suspended moment of love.

Here too is where the first love skill, Love alignment, comes back into play as a valuable skill of a Love Master. Rather than feeling awkward looking into someone’s eyes, especially if they are uneasy, think of yourself as Love itself looking into their eyes.

Love is thinking, “I want this person to feel pure love in this lovely moment of life.”

There is only you and Love. You and Love are one. Awkwardness surrenders in this Love alignment and the receiver of your Love-directed eye contact will feel the shift.

A Love Master knows that soft, direct eye contact is an immediate path to intimacy – and wants to share this with everyone in the universe.

You are this presence of Love each time you let Love use your eyes and smile to say, “I love you” to another, even a stranger.

This is the joy in a Love Master’s heart.

This is the joy in a Love Master’s heart. There are no strangers in Love – so it is natural for our eyes to connect and say hello with love.


I see you
through the eyes of Love!

Action Step

Allow yourself
to move past all barriers of awkwardness
& let Love look out on others
through your eyes

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Copyright (c) 2006-2017 by Scott & Shannon Peck

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