Love Skill #16 – Decide to Create Intimacy


Love Skill #16

Decide to Create Intimacy 

By Dr. Scott Peck & Shannon Peck 


A Love Master is proactive
& takes the lead in creating intimacy

Genuine intimacy is the key to love fulfillment. Intimacy causes our hearts to feel connected and not alone. We taste the sweetness of genuine love.

Real intimacy occurs whenever you relate to someone from the heart. When you wear a mask socially and act superficially, this is the opposite of genuine intimacy.

When two hearts open and communicate, something astonishing and wonderful happens. There is inner relief to be “real.” There is also immense discovery and deeper appreciation for each other.

This is the quality of relationship you can have with just about anybody – if you want to.

That brings you face-to-face with a key life decision. Do you want heart connections? Do you want to know what truly makes someone tick at the heart level? Do you want to be real and unmasked in your relationships? Do you want to live a heart-centered life of communication?

Think of the very best relationships you have in your life. What makes them valuable and rich?
Our best relationships include compassion, open hearts, shared feelings, humor, and little or no judgment. We feel emotionally safe.

Unfortunately, genuine intimacy is rare and not the norm in most people’s lives. We wait to let the other party make the first move to share from the heart. Our relationships are often reactive rather than proactive.

Rather than waiting to see what someone else is going to do, a Love Master makes the decision to create intimacy. Just making this decision opens the door to intimacy because others will feel your intention.

Can you have genuine intimacy with everyone you meet? Just about. You’ll be surprised how open others are to a genuine heart connection when you take the initiative as a Love Master.

Intimacy is really your choice. It doesn’t even matter whether the other party responds. You, as a Love Master, have created the opportunity for more love. You will feel better about yourself no matter what happens.

The moment to create intimacy presents itself many times each day – with family members, friends, co-workers, grocery clerks, and those you meet moving through life.

How much love do you really want in your life? How loved do you want others to feel in your presence? Without being proactive in creating love, you are likely to have superficial, polite conversations from the head rather than genuine friendships and intimacy from the heart.

Once you decide to create intimacy, the rest becomes quite easy.

Welcome to the consciousness of a Love Master and a whole new world of love fulfillment.


Love IS intimate

Action Step

Look deep into your heart
Are you willing for more intimacy?
Decide within you

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Copyright (c) 2006-2017 by Scott & Shannon Peck

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