Love Skill #17 – Be Present & Tune In as Love


Love Skill #17

Be Present & Tune in as Love 

By Dr. Scott Peck & Shannon Peck 


When you are present & tuned in,
you are focused on love & its vast potential
in this very moment

When your sweet love greeting has finished, you quickly arrive at a new threshold of love opportunity.
Right here in this flicker of a moment, you have the choice to be present and tune in as Love – or let this opportunity for intimacy slip away.

When you are present and tuned in, you are focusing on love and its vast potential in this very moment. You are not distracted by other people, events, circumstances, or thinking about something else. In this state of love readiness, you carry within you all the rich possibilities of love, so alive and real to you.

You check in with yourself. Am I in Love alignment? Allow Love to flood into your being so you are not feeling awkward or questioning whether you have the capability. Love has the skill.

Let your heart tune in to this person and ask: “What does my intuition tell me is going on and needed with this unique individual in front of me right now? In your intuition scan, ask yourself, “Does this person need…

  • Comfort?
  • Encouragement?
  • Acknowledgment of worth?
  • Praise?
  • Support for facing a problem?
  • An opportunity to speak and be heard?
  • Or just a chance to be playful?”

As you listen to Love for the answer to your intuition, you will be amazed at how clearly you will sense the many love options open to you. There is no one right option. Love has a multitude of excellent possibilities in each moment of intimacy.

In some cases, you might be guided to give the person a huge embrace from Love because you sense so clearly that this is needed and welcome. In other cases you may be led to listen as you sense a need to talk. Or you may feel it’s best for you to initiate talk from the heart.

You may be guided just to continue staying present with your smile and eyes. This alone can take any greeting past the doorway of love and into genuine intimacy and dialogue.

In some cases, you may not get a solid reading from your intuition. This is a wonderful opportunity to ask a love question, one of the most magnificent love skills for creating genuine intimacy.

What is a love question?

We thought you’d never ask.

Please go to the next love skill, “Ask a Love Question.”


Love is Present right now

Action Step

Open your heart in stillness to divine Love
Let your Highest Self be Present
as Love Itself
with the person you are with

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Copyright (c) 2006-2017 by Scott & Shannon Peck

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