Love Skill #2 – Cherish Your Life Purpose


Love Skill #2

Cherish Your Life Purpose

By Dr. Scott Peck & Shannon Peck 


You are alive
to know & fulfill
your highest purpose in life

Why are you here on earth? What is your reason for being? What are the gifts you have come here to share? What is your destiny?

These wonderful questions deserve to be answered within your soul as part of loving your magnificent, core self.

There is a mission within you, deeply encoded, and yearning to be known and expressed. Listen to the intuitive voice within you as you consider what makes your heart sing.

What are you most passionate about?

What is most important to your heart?

What is being called forth within you to be gifted to the universe?

Considering the highest possibilities for your life causes your magnificence to awaken. This is how to cherish your life purpose.

Your life purpose is more than what you occupy as a job. It is who you are and becoming. It is the character you are developing and being. It is the values you practice in your relationships and actions. It is your motives and decisions. It is the positive effect you have on others. Life purpose comes from your pure inner light, directing your entire life. Your life purpose is constantly evolving. As you contemplate this, you will discover even more of your true self and open with more clarity to your life purpose.

Your life purpose isn’t about money, status, power, or recognition you receive. It is about knowing your deepest desires and living closely to them as you continue to learn more about them.

Such living weaves a beautiful web of connectedness to others on the same path of highest self exploration. It creates a sense of richness and inner peace entirely beyond what the world can give you. It ultimately becomes your contribution to all creation. This is how you fit in with everything in life. And it’s a beautiful fit, worthy of your generous love.

You and your Source are the only authority on the subject of your life purpose. Others cannot tell you what it is. You are the one holding the key to your vast magnificence.

As you live your life and learn to love yourself at a richer level, remind yourself constantly:

I am here for a wonderful purpose. As I tune in to know more, my purpose quietly speaks to me so that I can sense what steps to take. My purpose is woven into even the smallest areas of my life. Nothing is insignificant. As I honor and cherish this process, all life’s blessings open up to reveal more of who I am and what I am doing here. Everything becomes more beautiful and meaningful because I am loving my Highest Self and my reason for being alive.


I accept that I have a valuable life purpose
& I embrace its unfolding

Action Step

Think deeply about these
two questions:
1. What am I most passionate about?
2. Why is this passion so important to me?

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Copyright (c) 2006-2017 by Scott & Shannon Peck

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