Love Skill #24 – Honor Soul


Love Skill #24

Honor Soul 

By Dr. Scott Peck & Shannon Peck 


When you honor another’s soul,
your heart is saying
“I admire & love your Highest Self”

Imagine how you feel after sharing openly from your heart to another person.

You may feel a bit vulnerable. Am I still liked? Is what I said important? Am I worthy? These are natural internal feelings within a heart that has revealed itself openly as a result of someone’s empathetic listening, silence, and encouraging “Tell me more…”

This is precisely the moment to openly honor another’s soul – someone’s Highest Self. Share openly how much you admire this person. How special he or she is. Or how much you appreciate what has been shared with you.

Honoring someone’s soul means that you pronounce aloud how wonderful this person is and how valuable you find what has been shared. This is a wonderful opportunity to share insights into their core self.

Don’t hold back. Find the words that reveal and clarify how much you honor other’s ideas. Or the importance of a person’s life. Or their value to you. Don’t be skimpy. Be generous with your words and love.

When you honor another’s soul, the recipient of your honoring feels a wave of relief and joy and love flow through his or her entire psyche. It feels so wonderful to be honored for who we are – to be truly seen as valuable!

How many people in your life honor your soul openly and profusely?

For most of us, the sad answer is, “Not many.”

That’s why honoring another’s soul is one of the refined secrets of a Love Master and such an important love skill. As a Love Master, you know – without it needing to be said – how important it is for someone to feel worthy and for their worth to be validated openly with your words.

For example, we’d like to honor your soul right now and say to you, “There is something we really value about you – even though we may have never met. We admire your deep commitment to growing in love and your desire to live as a Love Master. That says so much about your character and your heart. We applaud who you are!”

It is pure joy to honor another’s soul. It is like giving a priceless gift to another being. What is more meaningful than confirmation of the rich value of our lives?

Be ready and eager to honor soul with everyone you meet. Go past focusing on looks and lifestyle to honoring what you see unfolding in the depth of their being. Your love energy will be felt and appreciated.
As you practice this skill of honoring soul with everyone you encounter, you will find yourself operating and living at a level of soul awareness that honors your own soul and Highest Self.

As you scan your life and the people you know and see everyday, and the new people you will encounter today, how many of them need their soul to be known and loved by you?

As a Love Master, you think this way.

And act.


Love IS Soul

Action Step

Take a deeper look at each person in your life.
Be bold & ask them:
What do you feel is your highest life purpose?

& then honor their Soul

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Copyright (c) 2006-2017 by Scott & Shannon Peck

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