Love Skill #25 – Be Transparent


Love Skill #25

Be Transparent 

By Dr. Scott Peck & Shannon Peck 


Transparency allows hearts
to share openly
& connect

Being transparent causes hearts to move rapidly into openness and genuine intimacy.

Whenever you speak to someone with an open heart and a willingness to reveal your true self, you are being transparent. You allow others to see into your thinking, heart, and soul without barriers, role-playing, or emotional games. You let down your walls.

| It is a joy to be with someone who is transparent. Hearts feel refreshed and open. We feel like we are receiving an invitation to genuine intimacy. Communication is real!

The beauty of transparency is that, whenever you take the plunge to being transparent yourself, others in your presence will find their hearts opening as well – uncontrollably!

A Love Master is keenly aware of the power of transparency to create genuine intimacy and strives to live with a heart that is ready and willing to be an open window with others.

Such openness may seem to make you vulnerable, but it actually causes you to become more at ease with your core self – the real, magnificent you alive and visible at last.

As you practice transparency, others will feel more emotionally safe and open with their hearts as well.

They will also feel more loved because you are being emotionally honest and real with them. They will appreciate you more because they are seeing the genuine, real you – which is always more lovable than the pretend, disguised, or hiding you.
Being transparent does not mean you have to spill your guts and openly reveal every single challenge you are facing in your life with everyone you meet.

As a Love Master, you adapt easily to various levels of openness in relationships. Some relationships allow you to be fully transparent because you know you are loved and safe. Others may feel more restrictive. As a Love Master, you learn to sense when transparency can be a valuable way to create intimacy.

Rather than thinking that being transparent is a risk, you understand the intimacy payoffs of revealing your true self and choosing to be with others who do the same.

If someone doesn’t respond to your heart, this may not be a relationship that will serve you at the level of soul. Let your heart move on. As a Love Master practicing transparency, you have bravely taken the initiative to create a maximum love opportunity.

This is all that Love wants you to do. Be unattached to the outcomes.

Transparency takes relationships to a higher level of soul satisfaction and is a top love skill of a Love Master


Love is always visible & healing

Action Step

Practice being visible with your heart today

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Copyright (c) 2006-2017 by Scott & Shannon Peck

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