Love Skill #27 – Share from Your Own Heart


Love Skill #27

Share from Your Own Heart

By Dr. Scott Peck & Shannon Peck 


Speaking up
& sharing from your heart
honors your own worth

Intimacy honors all parties. Each heart needs to be listened to and heard. This includes your heart.

In the real world, some people may not ask about you. They may not know how to check in with your heart. They may not have any idea how to create love equality. They may not yet have learned the love skills in this book.

As a Love Master, you have compassion for this love oversight and realize that any inquiry about you may never happen.
What then? How will you share what they don’t even know how to solicit? How will your treasure of expression and essence be known?

This calls for love leadership. You can be an equality instigator by saying, “Thank you for sharing your heart so openly. I’d like to share what’s going on in my heart too.”

You are making the assumption they want to know. And you will soon find out if they do. Those untrained in love skills may intend or wish to get around to listening to you, but they just don’t. So you are taking the lead by taking your turn and sharing from your own heart.

Another way to ensure your heart gets heard is to set it up in advance. For example, you might say, “I’m so glad we are having lunch together. Let’s take turns sharing what’s in each of our hearts. Why don’t you take the first few minutes and I’ll go next.”

This creates equality from the start line. But you, as an aware Love Master, may still have to ensure that your turn actually comes. You might even have to break in after a few minutes and say, “I’m glad you’ve shared so openly. I’d like to share what’s going on with me too. Perhaps we can go back and forth.” And then start sharing.

Want to be creative with this love skill? Tell them, “Would you like to know what I would like you to ask me?” Who would turn down such a fun and curious question!

Or give them a love question to ask you. Pick from the chapter on Love questions, or make up one based on what is most current and interesting to you. They may like the question so much they want to answer it too!

If you are a giving and loving person, you are very good at listening to others. But when it comes time to take a turn for
yourself, you may be less skilled. If you find this a skill you need to improve, see how many times you can practice it in coming weeks. As you practice it, keep encouraging yourself with each success.

Afterwards, evaluate how you felt doing it. How could you have done it better? What was the response? How do you feel about the response? See how much there is to learn about love!

Sharing from your own heart honors you as you deserve to be treated as a Love Master.


Your heart is a reflection of Love
It deserves to be seen & known

Action Step

Be alert today to how well you are sharing what’s in your own heart.
Be bold. Let others in.

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Copyright (c) 2006-2017 by Scott & Shannon Peck

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