Love Skill #28 – Act with Integrity


Love Skill #28

Act with Integrity

By Dr. Scott Peck & Shannon Peck 


Integrity is the foundation
for enduring & loving relationships

Integrity in relationships strengthens and sustains intimacy. Many budding relationships never get to bloom because of a breakdown in integrity.

Integrity doesn’t mean that you can lie as long as you don’t get caught. It means there is no hidden agenda. It means you can be trusted and your words and actions are reliable and true.

How is your integrity in relationships? Here’s a quick integrity check list:

  • Do you do what you say you will do?
  • Do you act differently when someone is not looking or aware?
  • Do you withhold or hide information – or lie?
  • Are there any unmentioned relationships?
  • Do you consistently keep your word?
  • Are you reliably on time?

These are some of the areas where a relationship breaks down.

Living in integrity takes courage. It’s easy and tempting to be dishonest. Integrity means you rise to your highest place, regardless of consequences, and you remain honest to yourself as well as others. You speak truth. Integrity is earned through the times you are tempted to act outside of integrity, but decided instead to base your life on something you can admire and respect. It takes humility to live by principles of integrity. As a Love Master, you are proud of yourself for living in integrity.

A Love Master chooses friends, lovers, and business associates based on integrity. Sometimes a Love Master uses his or her intuition since a lack of integrity often doesn’t surface for awhile in relationships.

How important is integrity to you?

Integrity needs to come up as one of the first things you notice in others. Living and acting with integrity means you have far fewer stresses, losses, and disappointments. When someone is accountable, you find out where the bumps are early and can deal with them far easier than the surprise that comes later when you discover on your own that someone has been hiding truth from you. Trust is the backbone of a loving relationship.

As a Love Master living in integrity, you have deeper intimacy based on trust – even though your honesty may sometimes cause a ripple in a relationship.

Living in integrity means you act and speak based on truth, not based on what is convenient. It means you can be counted on by others. People believe what you say because you have proven your integrity. You are admired because everyone knows how difficult it is to live in integrity.

In short, you are a true Love Master, fully aware that integrity is the foundation for enduring and loving relationships.


Integrity is your reflection & expression
of Love as truth & honesty

Action Step

Live your life in complete integrity in every facet
& note the relief within yourself

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Copyright (c) 2006-2017 by Scott & Shannon Peck

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