Love Skill #29 – Be Responsive


Love Skill #29

Be Responsive

By Dr. Scott Peck & Shannon Peck 


A Love Master responds to hearts
yearning for connection

Love expands the moment we are responsive to another’s heart.

When someone’s heart opens and reaches out to you, – in person, by phone, or email – this is a “Love Master moment.” It is a moment where you as a Love Master quickly and genuinely respond to this invitation for more love.

Have you ever made a love overture that was met with no response, or a delayed response. Our hearts wait. We assume the worst. We begin to retreat. Many love expansion opportunities are lost from lack of responsiveness.

Is someone waiting for your response right now?

Responsiveness is more challenging today because of the deluge of voice mails, text messages, and emails. There has never been such pressure to respond. Many feel overwhelmed by the necessity to respond, respond, respond! Our sensitivities are on high alert. How do we respond to everyone and instantly, all the time?

As a Love Master, you care about other’s hearts. When someone singles you out to communicate with from the heart, you know it deserves a response – and you are responsive.

You find the love words, however brief, that allow love to expand. It is amazing how brief a time it takes to express genuine love. It won’t take any longer by waiting, but in not being responsive, Love Master moments will pass and hearts will yearn. Others will think you don’t care.

Do you see the power of response? A response means that you care enough to express love. It doesn’t mean you have to comply with someone’s wishes which may infringe on you. It means that you are awake and responsive to other’s tender hearts. You don’t ignore their desire to connect.

Responsiveness is a natural outcome of compassion. When someone makes an overture of love to you – in person, by email, or by phone – tune in to this person’s heart. What does this person need? What is Love prompting you to know and do? Such responsiveness within your own heart expands love even before you take action.

What simple words could speak from your heart that would let others know they are important and that you care. When you are responsive to other’s hearts, even briefly, Love expands immediately.

What if you are the one waiting, longing, and hoping for a response after you have opened your heart to someone? As a Love Master, you can lovingly ask for a response – without apology or cowering. Don’t retreat. Go forward in love without expecting others to read your heart. Lovingly help them to know what is important to you. Help them win. Help them become Love Masters too.


Love’s responsiveness satisfies & heals hearts

Action Step

Observe your own heart & actions even more closely
& practice being even more responsive
to other hearts

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