Love Skill #30 – Cherish Dreams


Love Skill #30

Cherish Dreams

By Dr. Scott Peck & Shannon Peck 


Nothing liberates the inner core
of who we are as much as someone who cherishes our dreams

Within each of us are vast, creative dreams. We dream of what we would like to be, do, and accomplish.

For most of us, however, these dreams lay buried within the secrets of our inner soul. Our dreams are sometimes so fragile that we are too embarrassed to reveal them – sometimes even to ourselves.

It feels frightening to reveal them to those around us. What would they think? Who are we to have such dreams? Yet these dreams persist in our private consciousness. In fact, they carry our full life potential, our destiny. That’s how valuable they are!

Nothing liberates the inner core of who we are as much as someone who cherishes our dreams and loves us so deeply that our richest, core identity is brought to the surface, recognized, and gloriously valued. Genuine love helps to liberate dreams.

Each of us is like a gem at the bottom of the ocean, hidden by layers of timidity and accepted limitations. Each of us needs each other to encourage our inner flower to bloom.

An environment of genuine love, kindness, gentleness, caring, and patience allows dreams to surface. And there’s more. Dreams need room to be spoken and explored. This is the environment that a Love Master seeks to create.

Once you cause another’s heart to feel safe, you can ask, “What is your biggest dream for your life?”

Then use your silent, attentive listening to call it forward. Use the love skills of silence and “Tell me more…” Let this question occur in all your special relationships.

Do you know the life dreams of your loved ones and friends? If not, you can practice this love skill immediately. Since our dreams are forever evolving, you can ask this honoring question often.

What is your biggest dream for your own life?

As you ponder this, please know that we hold the highest and most cherished place for your dreams. There are no wrong answers. There is nothing to judge. Take your time. This is an important question. Deep within, your heart’s message wants to be known, appreciated, and valued. Your dream reveals the real inner you and it is gorgeous – we promise! We already love your dreams!

As greater clarity comes forward, ask yourself, “If I took one action towards my top dream, what would it be?”
Give yourself plenty of quiet, meditative time to reflect on this important question. It often helps to journal. Please continue listening to the voice within – the one with the dream of your destiny. As you do so, what now seems to be a far away dream will become a living reality in your life.

This is how a Love Master cherishes dreams.


The dreams we cherish in soul
express our deepest life purpose

Action Step

Take time today to look within your soul & cherish your greatest dreams
Take time, too, to help bring forward the dreams of others

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Copyright (c) 2006-2017 by Scott & Shannon Peck

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