Love Skill #32 – Create Unity


Love Skill #32

Create Unity

By Dr. Scott Peck & Shannon Peck 


With every
thought, word, & action
you create unity or separation

You have amazing power to create unity in every moment in your relationships.

Moment by moment, your relationships either sink lower or rise higher based on what is in your heart and what you say and do.

As a Love Master, your heart is in such a clear state of caring for others, as well as humanity, that you consciously seek to create a stream of continuous unity.

For example, even when you are upset, you inwardly sense the potential to create unity rather than division in your relationships. You quickly seek to find greater peace in your heart so your words will flow from the dictionary of loving speech rather than the dictionary of polarization.

This may not be easy when your temperature is rising in a relationship, but it takes an incredibly long time to overcome unkind words that separate hearts. Sometimes, hearts don’t ever recover. Harmony, peace, and stability of love depend on unity.

Think of creating unity as a love skill you want to master. Your goal is to quietly assess each new moment in your relationships. Rank yourself, from 1 to 10, on how well you use words and actions that create unity rather than separation. Your awareness will be heightened as you look through life with an intention to create unity.

Even when you fail, you will succeed because you will be more conscious of how you did not create as much unity as was
possible. Unfortunately, many people in relationships create constant separation. They may do so unconsciously. As their relationships drift into separation, they are not even aware of the growing distance caused by their being asleep to this love skill. Think of your closest relationships. How could you create more unity and less separation, even in small ways?

As you become more skilled at creating unity, you will see that others feel far more loved in your presence. And they might not even know why – but you will. You will know you chose the softer word, the more uniting idea, or the action that created a higher bond of affection.

Creating unity does not infringe on your independence, nor make you weak. Unity is a powerful position of love leadership and brings great joy to a Love Master’s heart. The world is packed with polarization, separation, and divided hearts. We need a new landscape of love. We need to learn and master the skill of seeing and validating our oneness. Unity thinking and acting does this.

Every single time you think, talk, or act in a way that creates unity rather than separation in your relationships, you have expanded the quality of love on our planet. And your relationships will soar. You will experience love on a higher level of living. So will those in your presence.

Unity creates peace. Unity tells us we are loved. Unity causes our hearts to melt. Unity releases our higher gifts. Unity causes us to rise as love beings.

Unity is the enlightened path of a Love Master.


Love, by it’s nature, is Unity & Oneness
There is no separation in Oneness

Action Step

Let every thought you think & action you take today
create unity rather than separation

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Copyright (c) 2006-2017 by Scott & Shannon Peck

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