Love Skill #33 – Speak with Kindness & Honesty


Love Skill #33

Speak with Kindness & Honesty

By Dr. Scott Peck & Shannon Peck 


Kindness & honesty
flowing as one force is the language
of a Love Master

When you speak with kindness and honesty combined, you bring harmony and greater understanding to your relationships – and to yourself.

Kindness & honesty are awesome in their power to create more love. And they need to be expressed simultaneously for two good reasons:

Honesty without kindness stings the heart and causes us to retreat.

Kindness without honesty feels empty and untrustworthy and leads away from intimacy.

Expressed together, however, kindness & honesty bring enormous benefits to relationships. We feel safe because of kindness, yet we also feel in touch with another’s heart because honesty is also present.

If you are a people pleaser, it takes courage to be honest. If you are accustomed to a direct approach, it takes sensitizing to the importance of kindness.

In an environment of kindness and honesty, intimacy is vastly increased because people are able to reveal inner desires, hopes, fears, and vulnerable feelings in a supportive & honest environment.

Kindness and honesty flowing as one is the language of a Love Master.

A lack of kindness & honesty is devastating to relationships. We feel disconnected from each other. We feel uncertain. We raise our shields in defense of our fragile dreams and needs. We feel resentment and hurt. In short, we don’t feel loved.

These negative consequences are not easily undone. If someone treats us with unkindness in one instance, how can we feel emotionally safe? And if someone is not honest on an issue, how can we believe there will be truth on other issues?

Relationships are fragile. Our dreams, needs, feelings, and ideas are like tiny roots that need tender nourishment. Kindness combined with honesty binds hearts, heals wounds, and uplifts love.

Take honest stock of yourself. Where could you be more kind in your relationships? Where could you be more honest? How could you become better at combining these two love skills? What do you need to let go of?

This is the thinking that is constantly going on inside the heart of a Love Master. Such inner thinking causes your words to flow out to others in harmony with your heart.

The combination of kindness & honesty is one of the potent secrets in the heart of a Love Master.


Kindness & Honesty are the manifestation,
through you,
of divine Love & Truth as One

Action Step

Practice thinking & expressing kindness & honesty
as ONE
simultaneous love skill

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Copyright (c) 2006-2017 by Scott & Shannon Peck

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