Love Skill #35 – Flow with Patience


Love Skill #35

Flow with Patience

By Dr. Scott Peck & Shannon Peck 


softens & expands love

Patience is like a magic potion that softens and expands love in relationships.

In our fast-paced, hectic world, relationships often take a dive because patience is so missing. We are being constantly pushed. And we are often stressed, pressured, and pushing ourselves.

During the beginning of a new relationship, patience may flourish easily because both parties are enjoying the newness of love. Once a relationship evolves, however, patience is often a casualty. Tempers can flare.

A Love Master is enormously sensitive to the power of patience to expand love and seeks to keep patience constantly on the love radar.

One way to expand patience in your love relationships is to step outside the view that whatever is happening is an event or task and see it as a “love moment.” This moment is exactly what you define it to be.

Thinking of your day as a series of “love moments” enables you to create a flowing path of patience because you understand that the most significant thing going on right now (and now and now) is love.

Of course there are tasks to be completed, and you may encounter interruptions from others. But seeing these tasks as an opportunity to express patience will get the tasks done with more harmony and your relationships will flourish in the sunshine of your sweet patience.

To become better at expressing patience, create this love intention. Even if you are often impatient, setting the intention to develop your expertise in flowing with patience will expand your relationships to heights you have never imagined.

Think of someone you love who would benefit from your being more patient. The next time you feel impatient, notice what things most tempt you to lose your cool. Plan for success. There is a big payoff in thinking before acting. How could you express more patience to this person? Patience takes awareness and practice.

Love rises dramatically higher in a climate of patience because others feel safe. Hearts relax. Joy and laughter jump to the surface more easily. New ideas emerge more playfully. Defenses drop. Life energy is free to be creative rather than defensive. Harmony expands.

The benefits – to you – of being patient are just as wonderful. Finding patience in your heart and actions slows down your life. You find “love meaning” in the present moment. You discover your power to easily create more love in your relationships. You see how your patience dramatically changes the tone and quality of your relationships. You love yourself more. Your relationships evolve to vastly expanded levels of love with deeper trust.

Patience is a soft but powerful love skill used continuously by a Love Master.


Love is endless patience

Action Step

Allow your heart to center in the heart
of Love’s endless patience

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Copyright (c) 2006-2017 by Scott & Shannon Peck

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