Love Skill #36 – Express Joy & Playfulness


Love Skill #36

Express Joy & Playfulness

By Dr. Scott Peck & Shannon Peck 


Relationships thrive on
joy & playfulness

Can you laugh at yourself? Are you good at being playful? Can you tease or use sarcasm gently, leaving good feelings with the other person? Can you be goofy or silly? All of these things lead to joy.

Relationships thrive on joy. Having fun and feeling good is essential to a healthy, loving relationship. Have you ever heard a love partner say, “That’s enough laughter – let’s stop!” No, and you never will! We can’t seem to get enough of joy and playfulness.

Expressing joy and playfulness is a decision. What can you do at this moment to lighten up?

As you move towards a lighter place, you become expectant of something to trigger you into joy. If you remain in the expectancy, you will find the universe filling you with joy. Try it.

What tickles your funny place? Will you allow it to occur? Will you agree, in advance, to let go, for even a moment, of your life’s burdens and woes and of being in control of things, in order to lighten up, even laugh?

Imagine how more joy will help reduce your body’s level of stress and tightness! Imagine what it would do for your day’s overall state of happiness. When was the last time you laughed out loud?

What if you decided that you want to have more joy and playfulness, not just for today, but every day? The mere decision to enter the realm of lightness moves you into this happy place.

Make a list of all the reasons you resist joy. As you look at the list, ask yourself, “How much love is this list causing me to lose?” Think of ways you can let go of each and every item on that list to make room for joy. Let yourself get creative. No matter how serious you think something is, how could you add joy?

Here’s an example of the power of joy to increase love – and even bring healing. A number of years ago, Shannon accompanied her close girlfriend to the mortuary when her friend’s husband suddenly died. Their marriage had been wonderful. On the way, Shannon and her girlfriend, who always giggle and laugh when they are together, started imagining what things could go wrong at the ceremony and they began laughing hysterically about some small, insignificant thing. The tension broke wide open. It felt wonderful at that awful moment in her grief to let her heart break open with laughter. They both decided that he would have liked that for her.

Let your relationships with others be full of joy and playfulness. Even on tough days, humor and joy can save the heart from sadness or despair.

Give yourself a gift today. Allow your heart to be playful. Find humor in whatever is happening. Laugh a lot! Bring joy to others. Feel your joy. Let your joy lighten the load for yourself and for others.


Joy & playfulness are Love qualities
that heal hearts

Action Step

Let your heart leap beyond your current boundaries

of joy & playfulness today

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