Love Skill #37 – Forgive & Move Higher


Love Skill #37

Forgive & Move Higher

By Dr. Scott Peck & Shannon Peck 


Forgiveness calls you to rise even higher
as a Love Master in loving others
& yourself

To forgive and move higher is a challenge a Love Master accepts because forgiveness is the way up.

If you listed the people who have caused you the greatest hurt or harm in your life, how many people would make your list? How far back do the hurts go? How deep have the hurts been felt by you? What have they cost you through your repeated memory of the hurt?

Our hurts can be places of great learning. This is the beginning of forgiving and moving higher.

For example, what did you learn from your past hurts? Sometimes we look back and realize we could have spoken up for ourselves, or we could have acted differently, or we could have chosen a better mate or friend in the first place. Hopefully, we have learned how to act differently in order to prevent this type of hurt from occurring again.

Consider this. For the rest of your life, whether or not you see these persons again, you will think of them. Out of the blue, you may think of what they did or said and how it made you feel so hurt.

But right here you have a choice as a Love Master. You can continue to be the victim of the repeated story in your mind or you can change the story and move higher.

How? You can decide to give your “story” a new outcome. For example, when a past hurt surfaces in your heart, you might reason, “This is exactly where I learned a big lesson on how to love myself better, protect myself, or handle a situation more effectively. I’m glad I’ve learned that lesson.” That’s your new story and history! Such re-defining strengthens your capacity to move past hurt and enter the door of forgiveness.

And here is a big love truth. Forgiveness is not for the other person. It is primarily for you!

Forgiveness cancels your own suffering. The vast majority of reasons why others have hurt you is that they suffer from ignorance. As you call on Love to see their innocence, you feel the first breeze of forgiveness float through your heart.

Forgiveness applies to everyone you feel has ever hurt you, including parents, spouses, friends, and loved ones. Whether or not you believe they deserve your forgiveness is not your concern. You deserve the forgiveness in order to release your hurt, grudge, resentment, or pain that will live within you until you begin to think differently about these hurtful times and move higher.

Forgiveness calls you into the role of being a Love Master, being bigger than the problem and willing to rise to a finer you. As challenging as it may be to see someone else as innocent and find genuine, permanent forgiveness in your heart, the struggle to do so will bring peace to your heart – and to your life.


Forgiveness is an act of Love

Action Step

Let forgiveness release any lingering anger & suffering
Let your heart discover the freedom
of moving higher

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Copyright (c) 2006-2017 by Scott & Shannon Peck

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