Love Skill #39 – Empower Yourself & Others


Love Skill #39

Empower Yourself & Others

By Dr. Scott Peck & Shannon Peck 


Love expands
when everyone is empowered

Empowering yourself and others vastly strengthens loving relationships. Love thrives when all parties are empowered to express their full potential.

It is far too easy for relationships to evolve into roles and habits where one partner drives, one is in charge of money, one is the expert at something else, and one controls the TV remote. This does not expand love.

True empowerment transcends roles and habits.

In our relationship, Shannon pays our bills, but we reconcile our monthly statements together. We both know where the money is – and isn’t! Neither of us is in the dark. This creates unity, even in hard times. We both feel financially empowered. Our love is strengthened and expands.

Shannon is an expert healer. It’s been her profession for decades. Yet she has always shared her favorite insights about healing so Scott could learn them too. This enabled Scott’s healing skills to expand. Her empowering has drawn us closer. Our love has expanded in this shared space of healing.

Scott knows a lot about computers. But rather than simply doing everything himself, he has taught Shannon many skills to develop her computer expertise. As a result, she feels more confident and self-empowered. What might have become a sore point has become a place where we let our love expand through shared skill building.

Sharing your skills with a loved one or friend can be a valuable learning experience and strengthen your relationship. Your success rate with this love skill will be the highest when you use plenty of patience, honoring, and non-judgment. Think of the first goal as creating more love and the second goal as empowerment. Praise the person learning for whatever they are doing well – or even for trying. They will feel grateful for the respect as much as the expanded learning.

If you are not the top talent in some area in your relationship, ask your partner to help you become more talented. Roles dissolve in an empowering climate.

If you are the most talented in another area in the relationship, find ways to let your partner develop this talent too. Learn how to become a great mentor. The tasks may take five times longer to complete at first, but your love will be five times expanded.
Take the attitude of empowering to all your friendships and relationships. What skills do you have that you could share to empower others? Find creative ways to be a mentor or learner. Empowering love creates unity.

As empowerment increases in relationships, equality increases too. Unity blossoms. Hearts feel safer and more honored. Love expands.

A Love Master is on constant lookout for ways to empower everyone!


Love empowers each of us
to live as Love Masters

Action Step

Ask yourself honestly:
“How well do I empower myself?”

“How well do I empower others?”
What step can you take today to move higher with both?

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Copyright (c) 2006-2017 by Scott & Shannon Peck

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