Love Skill #40 – Envision Peace

Peace Skill #1

Envision Peace

With Dr. Scott Peck & Shannon Peck 


64 minutes (Scott & Shannon Peck – 2017)                   10 minutes (Scott Peck – 2011)           


The first step of a Love Master
in conflict resolution is to
envision peace


To reach peace, we first need to envision peace. This is the starting place for a Love Master dedicated to creating peace where there is conflict.

Peace is not the absence of conflict. Peace is the presence of love.

Conflict creates separation. Peace creates unity.

There is so much suffering due to conflict. Some people will do anything to avoid conflict. Others get immediately inflamed and jump into battle.

What can you do to create peace where there is conflict?

The giant first step is to immediately go inward – before you act or say anything – and envision the highest possibilities for peace. This takes courage, awareness, detachment, and a big commitment to peace.

Conflicts so often seem impossible to solve. Many conflicts have gone on for so long that it’s hard to imagine an end to hurt, anger, and hate. Most of us have experienced relationships that try (or fry) our nerves so much that all we can envision is escape or retribution.

It is exactly at this point of “impossibility” that you make the internal decision to create peace. As a Love Master, you know that Love is ultimately the only force that can create true peace so you set in motion a process to get there. This process begins within yourself as you first let go of your own anger, frustration, judgment, and sorrow and begin to ask, “What is the highest possibility of peace that I can envision?”

Asking this question causes you to immediately begin transcending the conflict and see it through higher insight.

It takes courage and strength to refrain from getting engaged in a conflict, to take time to tune in to Love, or Higher Power, and to envision peace from this higher consciousness. Since peace is a higher state of living than conflict, it requires a higher way of thinking.

For example, can you envision an end to a long-standing personal conflict in your life? Can you then go even higher and envision genuine peace? Peace is not just the absence of conflict. Peace is the presence of harmony, understanding, forgiveness, and solutions that are fair and just for all parties. Can you envision this?

That’s how a Love Master thinks when presented with conflicts – and it’s not pie-in-the-sky hoping. It’s a wise, calm, dynamic commitment to a process of creating true peace – no matter how long it takes. Envisioning is the starting place for creating peace. After all, how can people in conflict ever get to a place of genuine peace that cannot even be imagined? Someone needs to envision peace.

Peacemaking requires courage and strength because you are willing to step outside and above the conflict when no one else seems either willing or able. You are willing to envision genuine peace even when it seems like a far-off dream.

This is your beginning stance as a Love Master determined to create peace where there is conflict.

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