Love Skill #43 – Listen with Compassion

Peace Skill #4

Listen with Compassion

By Dr. Scott Peck & Shannon Peck


Compassionate listening
creates openings
for peace


Conflict needs oxygen to stay alive. It feeds on argument, debate, anger, and reaction.

Compassionate listening has a dramatic ability to create peace in conflict. As soon as you begin listening with compassion and empathy to someone in turmoil, the level of conflict intensity will start to subside.

Hearts need to be heard. Our grief needs to be expressed. Feelings need to be identified, heard, and validated. Thinking needs to be understood and sorted out. Our souls need support.
A Love Master knows these deep needs without even asking and knows that compassionate listening immediately and dramatically reduces conflict.

When those in conflict are listened to with compassion and empathy, there is nothing for their grief, frustration, or anger to feed on. In fact, they feel the first wave of conflict relief – as if there just might be a hint of a solution.


Because you are listening to their heart. They feel your compassion and appreciate your empathy.
Listening with compassion does not mean you agree with the person venting or his or her position. You don’t take what’s being said personally – even if it is meant personally. You see it as simply another point of view that needs to be expressed.

Compassion means that you genuinely care for this person’s well being and do not want anyone to suffer.

Because compassion is so vital a love skill, a Love Master seeks to live in a heart space of universal compassion.

Allow your heart to open so wide that you care for everyone on the planet and feel a deep desire to end all suffering. Each individual on this planet deserves to be genuinely loved – including that person you are presently listening to with compassion.

A Love Master brings this consciousness of universal compassion to the present moment, whatever the situation or conflict. You recognize that your compassionate listening in this specific moment is also creating peace on a global level. You are engaged in actively raising the planet’s love consciousness and state of love being.

All this is gliding through your awareness as you listen to someone voicing grievances in a conflict mode. He or she will feel your genuine compassion & empathy.

You are actually doing more than listening to intense words being spoken. You are validating that this person’s heart and life are of value. He or she will feel your love. Conflict will subside.

Openings for peace will slowly emerge.

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Copyright (c) 2006-2017 by Scott & Shannon Peck

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