Love Skill #48 – Explore Solutions for Unity & Justice

Peace Skill #9   (Love Skill #48)

Explore Solutions for Unity & Justice

By Dr. Scott Peck 


An exploration of solutions
for unity & justice
creates opportunities for genuine peace


The goal in conflict resolution is not just to end conflict. The higher goal is to create peace based on unity and justice.

Stand back now and see what has already happened in the peace-building process.

Your influence as a Love Master has gently moved people through the process of getting their feelings out. They have been listened to with compassion and cared for with unconditional positive regard. You have helped them gently move past the “story” with communication that is now tilted towards loving speech rather than conflict vocabulary. This is major peace progress, even without a final solution – because the process of peace building is as important as any final solution.

True peace is not a final contract or agreement, but a way of living based on unity and justice.

With all you have accomplished as a Love Master, you can now use your influence to help explore solutions for unity and justice. This takes expertise because the parties may not be ready to explore solutions.

For example, if you are a party in the conflict, you might articulate the other person’s needs with loving speech and accuracy, and then summarize your own needs with the same accuracy and neutral observation. Then you might say, “I think we understand each other’s needs more clearly. Let’s take turns and explore solutions that will create unity and feel fair to each of us. Would you like to start?”

Things may not go smoothly, but you are vastly shifting the peace process to higher ground by bringing the focus to an exploration of solutions.

As a Love Master, you are keenly aware that those in conflict feel that a great injustice has been done to them. So you don’t side step the issues of unity and justice for a more superficial end to conflict. You are willing to explore what will truly create unity and justice.

You might dive in and say, “As I’ve been listening to each of our feelings and needs, I can see how differently this issue looks to each of us. Yet I can also see the innocence of our hearts and our openness for a higher solution. It may take a lot of work, but let’s explore possible solutions for unity and justice together.”

As a Love Master, you are not imposing or forcing a peace solution on anyone. You are simply opening the door to an exploration of solutions for genuine peace based on unity and justice.

Even if this exploration door keeps closing or jamming, you keep opening it. You know that getting to unity and justice is what is needed for real peace. You constantly remember that peace is a process.

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