Love Skill #5 – See Yourself as a Masterpiece


Love Skill #5

See Yourself as a Masterpiece

By Dr. Scott Peck & Shannon Peck 


Think of yourself as
Love’s beautiful, unfolding Masterpiece

You are a masterpiece in progress.

Michelangelo left unfinished works of enormous raw slabs of marble with beautiful images emerging. These masterpieces were already evident though the works were unfinished.

Think of yourself as Love’s emerging Masterpiece! You are being carved out, shaped, and formed by your life experiences, relationships, values, and choices, but you are already exquisitely beautiful right now!

And you are becoming even more wonderful as you chisel out higher ways of loving.

It is so easy to see ourselves as unworthy. Living in self rejection and self judgment means you deny yourself joy, passion, dreaming, and self expression. Rather than depriving yourself of the self love you deserve, give yourself support, acknowledgment, encouragement, and praise. You are worthy.

If you find that you can easily accept others without negative judgment, yet struggle to accept yourself, practice becoming an expert at both.

One way you can practice this love skill is by journaling. In a simple notebook, journal what you did today that you liked. Let this self-love feeling sink in. Notice how this new energy feels. Let your heart and mind explore all the new circuitry to find this place of acceptance again and again. You are beginning a new habit of watching yourself rise higher and giving yourself credit.

In this same journal, notice your new, positive inner talk. At first it may seem awkward, but your goal is to accept yourself without negative judgment and allow this to become a natural way of living and regarding yourself.

Practice constructive self judgment where you objectively look at your life to make better choices. Just as scientists in the laboratory observe an experiment to learn more, objectively look at any negative areas of your life to learn more. Rather than looking at your life as moments of pain or failure and beating yourself up, use your energy to learn and grow towards healing solutions.

Let self evaluation be a positive learning experience rather than an opportunity to say, “I can’t do anything right! I hate myself!” Learn to love yourself even as you are changing and evolving.
Learn to look at yourself as a beautiful work of art and with grand approval. Experience the happiness of seeing yourself as the best you so far!

Practice getting good at accepting yourself. Look deep within and continuously acknowledge: “I may make mistakes, but I am beautiful within my heart and I am becoming even more beautiful as I continue learning and growing. I see and love myself as Love’s masterpiece in progress.”


I am a divinely created masterpiece of Love

Action Step

Look deep within your divine Self
& identify the top 3 qualities
you express as
Love’s Masterpiece

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Copyright (c) 2006-2017 by Scott & Shannon Peck

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