Love Skill #53 – Speak As Love

Speak as Love

By Shannon Peck 


The moment you speak as Love Itself,
you bring forth healing

Speaking as Love means that you let Love (or Higher Power) put the words in your heart and you then voice these words to others. In short, Love is speaking directly to the other person through you.

When we see someone suffering, our hearts yearn to speak up. Even if there is no suffering, our hearts want to be even closer to our loved ones. But what do we say?

We let Love speak – through us. Who would enjoy hearing Love speak to them through you?

When you tune in intuitively and ask Love what to say, something very surprising occurs. You become aware that Love does indeed have something to say and it can be said by you! Such lovely heart talk can occur anytime and all you want, not just in times of suffering.

As a Love Master, you have passed the point of quietly thinking thoughts that are never uttered. As a natural Love healer, you share these comforting thoughts that reveal how you feel and bring love to the present moment. This is healing.

Most people ignore Love’s voice within, doubting that it is correct, or that anyone would want to hear it, or that they could deliver Love’s message with success. Yet Love wants to be known and seen and felt on every occasion. Love wants each of us to be part of speaking as Love.

As you practice this love skill of speaking as Love, you will come to trust your intuition in hearing Love.

By making the assumption that Love is communicating at all times, you can pick up on Love’s messages and deliver them as often as you like. You can even begin your sharing with, “What Love is telling me to say to you is…” and then speak exactly what comes to you. It can be simple and sweet. It can be a lovely mental picture you receive through inspiration, even when the other person is talking. Love will show you how to do this.

How do you know it is from Love? You know because it will feel right. It will be loving, sweet, uplifting, and inspired. Love may even have you share a caring thought that best describes how you feel as you spend time with someone. Imagine being connected with others through Love itself!

Consider what occurs when someone speaks as Love, however long the speaking occurs. The power of Love is invited to sit with you both and creates a moment of great healing. Who is more qualified than Love to do this!

Imagine writing a love note to someone and letting Love write the note! Others will read something far deeper than the words. They will be touched with healing. This is a wonderful way to bring your sweetest love intention to others. They will want you to speak Love to them often. They may even be encouraged to speak as Love to you!

A Love Master is fluent in speaking as Love.

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Copyright (c) 2006-2017 by Scott & Shannon Peck

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