Love Skill #54 – Call Forth the Divine

Call Forth the Divine

By Shannon Peck 


By calling forth the divine
in yourself & others,
you step into the shoes of a healer

When you look at someone, what do you see? As a Love Master, you realize the enormous power of seeing past appearances and your feelings about someone in order to see the divine in them.

Think of yourself as a Love viewer. You can choose how you view others. In some cases, viewing the divine in someone may mean that you must first rise above your differences or hurts. It means you will take your view of them to Love’s highest plane, the divine. When you do, wonderful things occur. This is the highest place you can go as a Love Master.

How do you view someone as divine? First, think of the source of all love. By its nature, Love is divine. Love is the creator of itself. Love is also completely present and everywhere at once. Begin to realize that this everywhere-at-once status is true as we view ourselves and others.

In order to view everything, everywhere as Love, it takes practice to see Love supplant the mixed view of yourself and your mixed view of others. You may not see Love with your physical eyes, but you know Love is always present and you can call on its Presence anytime you desire. Let the invisible come into view as you call forth the divine in yourself and others with quiet authority and conviction.

This dramatically changes all your relationships. Although you have close relationships with people you love, your primary relationship is with Love itself. Your determination to see Love everywhere, above all else, is the method by which you will also be calling it forth.

Your divine view of others not only silently calls forth the divine in them, but it is also powerful for healing.

Wouldn’t you like others to see your divinity? Their view would call forth your Highest Self. What do you think would happen? Healing!

The final destination of Love is healing. In this divine place, you are directed by Love to invoke Love’s healing power. You become Love’s authorized healer, enabling Love to be known in amazing and incalculable ways.

Think what a wonderful opportunity you have to view the divine within yourself and all others and allow this to call forth all wonderful blessings for you and them today! What a purpose for your life!

Each time or occasion you speak your divine view of another, calling forth the divine, you do it for everyone. This brings immense healing. Could there be anything more rewarding?

This is why, as you practice living as a Love Master, you become a natural healer.

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Copyright (c) 2006-2017 by Scott & Shannon Peck

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