Love Skill #56 – Praise Generously & Often

Praise Generously & Often

By Shannon Peck 


Praising generously & often
causes others to feel deeply loved & valued

When a Love Master sees something wonderful in others, he or she gives them the longer, more enthusiastic version of praise. How do you feel when someone offers you generous praise?

Generous praise comes deeply from the heart and expresses genuine, enthusiastic appreciation. Praising generously and often causes others to feel deeply loved and valued. Love overflows. Hearts feel nurtured.

Most people don’t give generous praise. Nor do they praise often. This is a sad loss of love for all of us.

Yet by giving generous love, we also receive it. How many people do you know who would turn down praise?

Praise validates that our efforts to improve and be the best version of ourselves is being noticed and is working. When we receive positive, thorough acknowledgment, we often suddenly realize how starved we were to hear something good about ourselves.

Since we so often carry negative, inner self talk, it is immediately relieving, refreshing, and encouraging to feel appreciated, even complimented. It adds to our sense of self worth to hear that someone appreciates us. Joy enters our heart. It is healing. How often would you like to have this experience? How often do you give this experience?

Generous praise comes from your gratitude and overflow. When you praise generously, it has a healing effect on you as well as the other person. A day of praising – people, events, and whatever might be overlooked or taken for granted – means you create a day full of love. You can create a new habit to do this every day!

Generous praise represents the highest you. It means you are big enough and connected enough to Love to be free and unrestrained with your gifts of acknowledgment. It means you have stepped beyond petty considerations of smallness, stinginess, self concern, and the need to also receive in return. It means you can love unconditionally in this moment rather than judging or criticizing. It means you can make a big difference in other’s lives today.

As a Love Master, you can be so good at frequent, generous praise that others will be happily expectant of a love wave coming from your heart when they see you!

Some people don’t receive praise easily. That’s okay. Don’t let that stop you. They need and want it anyway. Perhaps your sincere words will open their hearts to not only receive more love, but to recognize the value of generous praise and to offer it to others themselves.

What if every person on the planet generously praised two people today? What would be the healing effect? We would all be part of creating twice as much love! A Love Master is always looking for opportunities to praise.

By the way, thank you for your wonderful desire to be a Love Master yourself. We applaud your lovely heart!

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