Love Skill #55 – Offer Sweet Asurance

Offer Sweet Assurance

By Shannon Peck 


Sweet assurances from Love
comfort our hearts
& tell us we are cherished & worthy

Sweet assurances tell us that we are whole, valuable, liked, loved, and cared for. Assurances are healing because they inspire confidence and certainty. Every single person on this planet needs sweet assurance.

What do we most want to hear that would silence the uncertainties we face and the outcomes we fear? We want to know that all is well, that things are going to work out, and that we are going to be fine.

This is exactly the message that Love brings to each heart. As a Love Master, you have the wonderful opportunity to give these sweet assurances, speaking as Love Itself. Even though divine assurances may be rarely uttered in your life or with your friends, a Love Master knows their healing effect and is not afraid to voice Love’s assurances.

Love puts an end to our most outrageous anxieties about ourselves – our positions, relationships, money, jobs, health, and futures. An assuring arm around us, a hug, or Love’s words uttered all act to tell us we are cared for by Love, cherished and worthy, and that we are going to be all right. The entire nervous system takes a deep breath of rest at that moment. Joy can re-enter. Feelings of wellness and strength return. An assured life is the optimum life. Sweet assurances meet a basic need for love, every day.

Why don’t we offer these simple assurances to ourselves and others? Perhaps we are numb to the inner chatter of fear and anxiety. Our daily insecurities may seem natural rather than unnatural. Perhaps we gave up trying to fight the feeling of an inevitable downward gravitational pull in life. Look at how much joy is at stake!

As a Love Master, you offer Love’s sweet assurances to your friends and even to those you may not know. By doing so, you bring forward love that immediately offers healing. Think of how many ways there are to say, “My heart is with you,” “You are precious and valued and Love will never let you down,” or “I’m holding the space for all healing for you today.”

It is more than just words. A Love Master looks deep within the person and sees the strength, even if the strength is lying there asleep. A Love Master calls forth this strength into action!

Sweet assurances are based on the powerful inner resources that lie within each of us when we are in Love alignment. The assurances that Love conveys through you have the authority and healing power of Love.

Feel the sweet assurance from Love to you right now that you are a capable, wonderful, and treasured Love Master.

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Copyright (c) 2006-2017 by Scott & Shannon Peck

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