Love Skill #57 – Resonate with Love

Resonate with Love

By Shannon Peck 


Love causes you
to resonate in harmony
with others

There is a sympathetic Love vibration within each of us. When we hear and know our unique, individual sound, we long to take our place and connect with other sounds.

There is a chord of love that wants to be heard in our deepest soul. We know that we cannot create the symphony alone. It requires others. But it also requires us. There are many notes. Many chords. But one symphonic sound.

The beauty of the collective music that blends together in a universal love symphony causes us to resonate in oneness. Our unified oneness is felt in the spheres as a song of Love, singing itself to the universe. We are home.

This is what we most have in common at the deepest level of our souls. We know when the chord is being sung and when we are called to take our place within the notes so perfectly attuned. The exquisite beauty is masterful. It is enthralling to our soul.

As you sit alone, perhaps quietly reading this book, become aware of the universal resonance of which you are a part. It is Love resonating between us right now – and with all others. Feel it in your heart.

There is an energy current of love that flows through each of us. It runs at a frequency pitch that calls us into it, to sing our note. We are meant to resonate with each other and to live in Love’s resonance.

Feel your vibration. By feeling your own vibration and sensing your note, you not only join others but you also hold the structure for many others to recognize the call so they too can sing their note. Your note is a calling to others to join you.

A Love Master has deep sensing skills of resonance.

Who do you most resonate with that you know? Who is someone in history you most resonate with and why?

Become aware of when you are resonating. Notice the feeling. Memorize the vibration frequency. It is the resonance of Love.

It is where you operate in a non-local way. It is your universal self acting itself out through love resonance. It has intelligence to know things. Tap into this vast reservoir of information leading your life and connecting you with others like you.

Think of yourself as being in Love’s healing symphony. What is Love’s song that we are singing together? What is your part?

You are having an immense healing affect on the entire universe as you resonate in Love.

Thank you for tuning in and singing your beautiful notes.

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Copyright (c) 2006-2017 by Scott & Shannon Peck

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