Love Skill #58 – Hold the Space for Healing

Hold the Space for Healing

By Shannon Peck 


Holding the space for healing
is your high position as a Love Master

Love is the healer. As a Love Master, you know this. It is the power of divine Love that heals.

Your job is to turn to Love and hold a mental space open for Love to work through you. It is an easy process when you focus and allow this to happen.

Then why does life seem to be so hard? Disturbances arise when you deal with inner thoughts that conflict with Love’s peace. Which reality will you choose? Disturbances or divine Love? Your higher choice creates healing.

During any onslaught of problems for yourself or others, “hold the space for healing” as a Love Master. In other words, maintain your direct, personal relationship with Love and listen deeply for Love’s guidance. It will come. Know all will be well. Take the position that, until this evidence shows up, you are going to hold the space for healing for yourself and for others. Love is with you.

From this position of steady faith and holding the space open for healing, negative thoughts are eventually released and healing occurs.

Love is the creator of everything that exists, and Love is all present. Love is never absent. There is no place or space that Love does not already occupy.

Even where there is great concern or fear, Love is there. Think of it! All space in every moment is already filled with Love – regardless of appearances. As a Love Master healer, you are holding your mental space open for this truth to be more realized by yourself and others.

View yourself as one who is stationed at the door of Love. Your job is to keep the door open. Through this doorway pours all light, joy, strength, healing, love, peace, pureness, innocence, understanding, power, beauty, energy, vision, inspiration, wisdom, action, and divinity.

Notice that whenever you have negative thoughts or images, your Love doorway appears to close. But as you remember Love’s presence and power, you watch Love outshine the negativity, and the doorway opens once again. Love’s reality prevails!

If you feel discouraged, worried, or afraid that you don’t feel or see Love, look at these thoughts as “door closing thoughts.” Keep the door open. Hold the space for Love. Soon you will see Love again – and experience Love’s healing effects.

Love presents wonderful and infinite possibilities to us in every moment. How many of these possibilities are you open to? How long can you stay open to these possibilities? This is the place of a healer.

When anyone says that something is wrong and tells you why, you can respond with great compassion but also hold the space open for Love’s wonderful and infinite possibilities. Keep the door wide open.

This is your high and healing position as a Love Master.

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Copyright (c) 2006-2017 by Scott & Shannon Peck

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