Love Skill #59 – Leave a Love Imprint

Leave a Love Imprint

By Dr. Scott & Shannon Peck 


A Love Master’s parting
leaves a sweet trail of love that
uplifts & endures


Saying goodbye gives a Love Master a wonderful opportunity to leave an imprint of love that uplifts and endures.

Think of the last person you were with. How did you feel after you parted? Did he or she leave an imprint of love behind that felt sweet and uplifting to your heart?

And, of course, did you leave an imprint of sweet love that caused this person to feel loved and special?

Your intention to say goodbye with good feelings causes you to be alert in partings. Rather than casually thinking you will see someone again soon – or that you might never see this person again anyway – you see each parting as a magnificent love opportunity.

As a Love Master, you know how deeply a parting remains with someone so you take special care of other’s hearts as you part.

Here are some possible ways to say goodbye that create wonderful feelings as you part:

  • “It’s been wonderful seeing you. I hope you have a very special and love-filled day.”
  • I enjoyed our time together a lot and I look forward to being with you again.”
  • “Thank you for who you are. You are such a treasure. I hope you know that.”
  • I know we’re saying goodbye for now, but I’ll be thinking of you with a lot of love today.”

Such partings are genuine and memorably sweet, not mediocre or fizzling out. They all say, “I love you.” And why not? Why not love everyone? And why not say it?

This is how a Love Master creates love at a parting. There isn’t a feeling of separation. There is a feeling of unity and continuity. Even after parting, others feel the permanent residue of your love. They feel your caring. They feel uplifted just remembering your presence.

Rather than taking it for granted that someone already knows you like or love them, let it be spoken and heard. Have you ever doubted whether someone liked you because he or she was not good at showing or stating it?

A Love Master speaks up openly and fully at partings, knowing how meaningful simple sentiments from the heart can be. We all need to hear more love words spoken.

It is such good news to hear that someone cares for you – to hear clear words of love that are memorable with sweetness. This is the parting we all deserve. As a Love Master, you can set the example. Your heart will feel better doing this – and you’ll find many others will return a sweet love parting.

Thank you for reading this book. We hope you feel our continuing love and our admiration for every step you take to live as a Love Master. We cherish who you are!

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Copyright (c) 2006-2017 by Scott & Shannon Peck

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