Love Skill #6 – Practice Inner Love Talk


Love Skill #6

Practice Inner Love Talk

By Dr. Scott Peck & Shannon Peck 


The practice of inner Love talk
creates peace, joy, & self-esteem

Positive inner love talk is a rich way to love yourself. As you let positive love talk flow steadily through your thinking, you are letting the voice of Love remind you continuously that you are valuable and lovable.

It’s easy to rehearse negative things all day long – how you fail to compare well with others, your inadequacies, fears, insecurities, and inferiorities. This becomes a habit and it develops inner sadness and mediocrity.

You have a choice, however, to practice a far better habit of positive inner love talk and watch your joy and productivity increase dramatically.

For example, at the end of each day, review privately the top three things you most loved about yourself that day. What did you do best? What was your best moment of thinking? What was your highest action?

Such positive inner love talk breaks the habit of negative, recycling self talk. Let love talk take the stage in your steady flow of inner thinking so you can experience greater freedom, relaxation, and happiness. Your life will open more easily to the realm of higher possibilities.

Here are more questions to help you create positive inner love talk:

• What did I do today that was hard, but I did it well?
• How did I love someone well today?
• What did I learn today?

Productive questions like these generate positive inner love talk and growth. And this habit will beautifully support and sustain you in hard times.

When you practice inner love talk, you are re-creating your automatic response to every situation. The outcome is deeply stabilizing for more joy and greater equilibrium.

Another way to practice inner love talk is to develop inner talk headlines that affirm your worth and then hit the play button repeatedly. For example:

• Love is with me. I am growing steadily in my love skills.
• I am Love’s golden light of beauty.
• My life carries great value.

Congratulate yourself repeatedly for every positive private thought you have about yourself and watch your energy grow. When negative talk begins again, don’t cave in to a re-run of old tapes. Replace them with these new and positive tapes of inner love for yourself.

You control the play button so practice being your top love advocate. Everyone makes mistakes and can learn from their mistakes, including you. Give yourself the benefit of doubt when your old habit sucks you back down. Release it and let yourself soar once again into the inner love space you deserve.

The practice of positive inner love talk creates peace, joy, & self esteem and is a powerful way to love yourself.


I deserve
to speak to myself privately
with love

Action Step

Pay attention to your private inner talk.
Practice eliminating all negative talk
& replacing it with “Love Talk”

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Copyright (c) 2006-2017 by Scott & Shannon Peck

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