Love Skill #60 – Stay In Love Alignment


Love Skill #60

Stay In Love Alignment

By Dr. Scott Peck & Shannon Peck 

When you move into Love Alignment,
you become one with your
Highest Self

Love alignment is the deepest inner secret of a Love Master and gives you full capacity to live all 60 love skills at a 10 (on a scale from 1 to 10).

Think of Love as a Higher Power, a divine Presence, and the Source from which all love originates and flows. This is what you align yourself with as a Love Master.

In Love alignment, you think, feel, speak, and act as Love itself – the universal force of compassion, healing, and unity. Envision this as a description of you. Love flows through you so thoroughly that it would be more accurate to say that Love is expressing Itself as you.

Love alignment brings astounding results. You feel centered in your highest possible selfhood. You know you are drawing from the Highest Source. Others feel the presence of Love when they are with you.
And here’s the wonderful news. Love alignment is easy. It requires only your desire and decision to enter this high place of a Love Master.

Would you like to experience this right now?

We’ll help you.

Find a quiet place to be alone. As you sit quietly, let the rest of the world fall away. Become aware of your breathing and let this be your doorway into universal Love. With each inhale, imagine Love filling you. With each exhale, release all negative feelings and thoughts. Do this slowly for about a dozen rounds of breathing. As you relax and surrender in this process, you will be infused with Love. You will feel yourself moving into Love alignment. Love was there all along.

Now gently shift the focus of your exhale. Keep filling up with Love with each inhale, and now, with each exhale, let Love pour out into the universe to touch those you love, those you are struggling with, and all those in the universe who need love. As you sit in this place, consider this your home base. Notice how it makes you feel. Spending moments in Love alignment each day will affect you deeply and in many ways.
The beauty of using breath to tune in to Love is that you are always breathing. Take advantage of this most natural rhythm, always available, to tune in to Love.

As you continue tuning in to Love, let Love wash through your entire being – your thinking, feeling, and seeing. Feel Love’s peace fill your heart. Open yourself in surrender and humility to Love. Feel yourself coming into even deeper Love alignment.

Love alignment is an invisible love skill and a private experience between you and Love. It is from this sacred place of oneness with Love that all the skills of a Love Master flow into your being, not as technique, but as you practice being the Presence of Love.


I live in Oneness with my divinity

Action Step

Practice rising above the ego self
& see the divine Presence of Love in yourself & others

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Copyright (c) 2006-2017 by Scott & Shannon Peck

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