Love Skill #7 – Love Your Body


Love Skill #7

Love Your Body

By Dr. Scott Peck & Shannon Peck 


Your body is your vehicle
for expressing love
& fulfilling your highest life purpose


our body is of utmost importance to fulfilling your highest reason for being alive.

We are conditioned to think of our physical bodies with great negative judgment. Take a higher step in loving yourself by laying aside judgment as you consider new and higher views of your body.

Your life needs a vehicle for expressing love and your Highest Selfhood – your reason for coming to Earth. This vehicle is your body and it fulfills an enormous purpose in this lifetime.

Seeing your body as your prime vehicle for loving and giving your great riches enables you to view your body with great appreciation. From this highest point of view, you see the natural wisdom of cherishing and respecting your body. Your body needs your love to fulfill its mission.

There is a tendency to compare yourself with other bodies and wish you were taller, slimmer, or better looking. Vanity puts us in a place of self criticism and dissatisfaction. Our culture conditions us to view our shape or size as unacceptable, even disappointing. We can spend an entire lifetime hating our nose, complexion, thighs, or stomach. We act as our own worst enemy. Such comparisons make us slaves to a superficial view of life that misses the entire point of our reason for being.

Loving your body does not mean you won’t work to improve your body or looks. Exercise, yoga, balanced, nourishing eating, the practice of good health care, and plenty of rest are intelligent ways of loving your body and enabling your body to fulfill your life mission. You can do all these things with love, not self-hate. This is an essential part of your practice of loving yourself.

Your body is worthy of being cherished and loved just as it is – a wonderful vehicle allowing you to become all you were destined to be and enabling you to express and experience all the love that is in store for you.
Get to know your real body. Your real body is what you embody. Go past your physical appearance and make a list of the qualities you most embody.

What are your top five qualities?

What are the top five reasons your closest friends love you?

What role does your physical body play in fulfilling your wonderful life mission?

This is your real body. This is the body others see when they say, “I love you.” You are beautiful!

Thank your body for carrying you around in a state of being alive. Thank your body for functioning so incredibly to enable you to explore the world, experience love, give love, and fulfill your life purpose. Thank your body for its endless willingness to support you.

Love your body with all the love it deserves!


My body affirms the energy of
my divine self & life purpose

Action Step

Enjoy your body
as your vehicle
for expressing love
& fulfilling your life purpose

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Copyright (c) 2006-2017 by Scott & Shannon Peck

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