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Session 1

“Envision Peace”

Short Article   Audio recording

Session 2 

“Set in Motion a Peace Process”

Audio recording

Session 3 

“Get Feelings Out” & “Listen with Compassion”

  • Note:
    Unfortunately, the last 15 minutes of this video & audio were not recorded, to our great disappointment.

    Audio recording     Chat Log

Session 4

“Unconditional Positive Regard” & “Loving AND Detached Observer”

  • Editing Note:

    The video above has been edited down from 67 minutes to 55 minutes.
    The audio recording has not been edited.

  • Audio recording     Chat Log

Session 5 

“Moving Past the Story”

Audio recording

Session 6 


Audio recording      Chat Log

Session 7 

“Exploring Solutions for Unity & Justice” (The Evolution of Light)

Audio recording      Chat Log

Lyrics to song at end of video “May We Dwell in the Heart” by Robert Gass

Session 8 

“Create a Peace Ending”

Audio recording      Chat Log

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