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Welcome to Our FREE Love Course

Become a Love Master!

with Dr. Scott & Shannon Peck 


For several years, we held “Saturday Night Love” sessions at a yoga studio where we shared & practiced a new love skill each week. This course presents the top 60 love skills from these sessions & our book, “The Top 60 Love Skills You Were NeverTaught.”

As you approach each love skills, you might ask yourself, “On a scale of 1 to 10, where would I rate myself on this love skill? By taking this course, you can move your life to an 8 or above on each skill & this will have a gigantic, transforming effect on your entire life – so get ready for a much larger life of love. Watch how much more love flows into your life from these simple, easy-to-learn skills!


Loving Yourself

Love Skill 7
Love Your Body

Love Skill 8
Be Visible

Love Skill 9
Set Boundaries 

Love Skill 10
Forgive Yourself


Greeting Others with Love

Love Skill 12
Smile with Love

Love Skill 14
Hug with Empathy


Creating Intimacy

Love Skill 16
Decide to Create Intimacy

Love Skill 19
Listen with Empathy

Love Skill 22
Tell me More

Love Skill 24
Honor Soul

Love Skill 25
Be Transparent

Love Skill 28
Act with Integrity


Expanding Love

Love Skill 29

Be Responsive

Love Skill 30
Cherish Dreams

Love Skill 32
Create Unity

Love Skill 34
Facilitate Equality

Love Skill 35
Flow with Patience

Love Skill 37
Forgive & Move Higher

Love Skill 39
Empower Yourself & Others


Creating Peace

Note: These 11 love skills also make up our Peace course
Become a Peace Master” 


Healing with Love 

Love Skill 51
Ask Love

Love Skill 52
Flood with Comfort

Love Skill 53
Speak As Love

Love Skill 54
Call Forth the Divine

Love Skill 55
Offer Sweet Assurance

Leaving a Trail of Love


Love Skill 59
Leave a Love Imprint


Love Skill 60
Stay in Love Alignment


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